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Erik P. Hanson

User Experience Designer

Sr. UX Manager at Wayfair

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Hi, I'm Erik!

I'm a User Experience Manager and Designer that approaches everything with the user in mind. I specialize in conceptualizing and creating beautiful and functional interfaces for the web, mobile, and desktop. My designs focus as much on how something works as much as it does how it looks, paying particular attention to interaction, flows, usability and a pinch of delight.

I Design.

I love design and love the sometimes messy act of designing. Looking holistically at business requirements, customer needs, interactions, and visuals creates innumerable and challenging questions. I love unfolding those questions, looking for and finding solutions. Nothing feels better than getting that right.

Some things I do.

I lead and mentor designers and teams. I design, I prototype, I research and test. Ultimately I work with people and tools to craft experiences and products people love. I believe in the transformative power of design and technology and couldn't imagine doing anything else.