Moving Changes Everything

I Was Looking for a Change.

I did this to myself. The past two years of my life have really been a shit show. Personally, medically, and to a lesser extent, professionally. With all of that going on, I decided a real change to absolutely everything might kickstart some new good, or at least some new interesting.

I Underestimated it All.

I had no idea how hard it would actually be. I've moved halfway across the country before, but it was more supported and I was either married - the first time - or completely alone - the second time. This time I had me, plus 2 other young adults to get across the country and needed to make sure they settled in the new place alright too. We moved to a place where we knew no one, I started a new job with a new company, I was finally going to use public transportation.

All of that would be difficult enough to adjust to, but let's also throw in ending a year long and incredibly toxic/destructive relationship while managing a chronic illness that was getting worse by the day. Include the anxiety and worry about my daughter's chronic illness and turn the blender on. Yeah, this will be easy.

By the way, I moved to Boston, if you're in the area, let's hang out. I need friends here.

Keep Going

So obviously this post is basically catharsis for me and not so much about content for you, dear reader - my apologies. I'll fix that here with future posts and with YouTube. I promise.

If you're going though hell,
keep going.

  • Winston Churchill

I'm just over 100 days into the move and things are starting to get settled. I have a quote from Winston Churchill on my desk, "If you're going through hell, keep going". The only way to get to the other side of something is to keep going. If you stop, you're stuck and really don't have anyone to blame but yourself. So, onward, forward and through. Things are improving, they are getting easier and I'm excited for what all the growth and learning these changes will bring.

More is coming to this space, come with me and we'll all keep going.

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