Gettin' a Little on the Side

I try to stay busy and make things.

I’ve been working on a side project for a bit of time now. It’s been a start and stop kind of thing for the past year or so. For those that know me, cycling has been a thing in my life forever. I wanted to play around with some kind of project that focused around my love of two wheels and all the things that cycling has done for me and pushed me through.

That project became NFR Cycling.

NFR Cycling is a website, a podcast, and a lifestyle brand experiment. I feel like I’ve finally gotten this little project to a point where I can share it. It’s still young, dirty, and a work in progress.

NFR Cycling produces a podcast showcasing regular people achieving their goals through hard work, perseverance, and dedication. Listen to inspiring stories of everyday folks, pushing for their dreams.

You can find all the NFR socials and content here:

It’s been a lot of fun and I’ve learned a lot so far, which was always part of the goal. I’m proud of what has been made so far, but there’s still a lot of work to do. I’ll need more people for the podcast, I need a better and cheaper way to create and sell merchandise, but those are fun opportunities to grow some of my less flexed skill sets.

If cycling is something you’re into, or you’re into fitness in general, check NFR out. I hope you find find something useful there. I’d love feedback, I’ve done a lot of this work solo, which can be tricky when you’re making things for other people to enjoy or learn from.

What are some projects that have stretched your skills or pushed you outside of your comfort zone? Let me know on twitter or instagram.

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