Skypark At Santas Village

A Strange Education.

In this journey of Mountain Biking, I've learned a lot about myself, different bikes, and different terrain. I've been on the rocky, technical trails of Southern Utah and all over the "loose over hard" compacted trails of So. Cal but I'd never actually tried a real bike park, nothing with perfectly cut and groomed trails. Until my trip to Skypark that is.

I was really surprised how different it was riding on groomed trails versus natural trails. I figured since I could make it through some of the roughest technical parts of the Zen Trail or Barrel Rolls outside of St. George Utah, that a bake park would just be "easy". The first time I really hit a berm, I had no idea how to ride it and almost shot off into a tree. I had no idea where to position myself of my bike on the lines that were actually made for shredding. I've spent more time on rough, rocky, off-camber turns than just about anything else. Skypark's trails were an education in a different type of mountain biking and I loved it; well after a few runs I did anyway.

More Than Just Pretty Trails.

The park itself was nothing short of great. In addition to the trails, there are all sorts of activities and shops for families. It's also really nice to have access to great food and treats right in the center of it all. It feels like a well cared for amusement park with rad trails and a good cycling culture. The staff is helpful and professional. It was great seeing the Trail Guides up on the trails helping people out. Honestly, stop reading this and just go try it out.

Skypark is different that it's larger cousin to the east, Snow Summit, in Big Bear in a number of different ways, but most notable is the lack of a lift. If you want to shred Skypark, you have to earn your turns and pedal up to the top. The trails are directional and the uplines are gradual climbs that you can spin up pretty easily. i know some people are bummed there's no lift or shuttle, but given who I am I enjoy the pedaling up.

In addition to the fun trials that point mostly downhill, there are a number of trails that make up a "Cross County" loop that's also a ton if fun for us XC types.

I took my GoPro up there the last time I went and grabbed dome footage, so check that out below.

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