Writing is Hard

I lay awake a night as I'm supposed to be falling asleep thinking, dreaming, and wondering about my work. I think about how I saw someone use their smartphone in a way I never would and what design implications that should or shouldn't have in my future work. I think about the articles I've read during the day and retort or affirm the ideas in a monolugue no one can hear but myself. Laying awake, fighting for sleep, I have so much to say. So much to write, here in this space. Writing is hard.

In the light of the day, in the middle of the reading emails,designing interfaces, attending meetings about meeting, and composing emails my ideas, my voice is silent. Writing is hard.

I can talk to you. I'd love to talk to you. Let's sit down and discuss why you hate your software, why you love your phone, and what you wish it could make it easier to do. Let's talk about browsers and what CSS3 can do now that we used to only dream about. Let's debate what good desgin is, let's work together and learn from our mitakes and misgivings. Let's design a better world.

I can't talk to you. You're there, I'm here. You're at work, I'm at work. We're shifted in time and place but we have so much to learn from one another. Writing is hard.

I can write to you. I can capture my thoughts and let you read them, even when we might disagree or have different perspectives. I have to wrestle my sleeplesness into coherence. My voiceless monologues into forms of words and thought. We can talk and think about design, we can write to each other about making the small things grand, creating moments of magic in the mundane and creating things that make people love whatever they are doing when they use the things we create. I'll I have to do what is hard. I'll write to you.

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